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Psion 5 WebServer

This program grew from a test program for the CSocket OPX; it really needs to be completely rewritten to make it a bit more robust. The WebServer allows the Psion 5's file store to be browsed using an ordinary web browser.

When run the Psion 5 WebServer listens on port 80 for HTTP requests. It acts as a version 0.9 HTTP server; i.e. it is very simple. You can check that it is running OK by using the Psion Message Suite web browser and connect to You should be presented with a page that lists the drives available on your psion.

If your Psion 5 is connected to a network via a PPP link (e.g. when you have established a connection to another system using the Message Suite web browser) then your Psion 5 can be viewed by using a web browser from remote systems provided they know the name/IP address of your Psion 5.

Note: The Psion 5 WebServer does not itself establish the PPP link to remote systems - it just listens for incoming connections.

The source for the Psion 5 WebServer is available from the download area.

It requires that the COPX suite version 1.0 to be installed.